Monday, May 21, 2007

Chop Chop!

Recipe straight off the horses mouth..the celebrity chef spouts recipe for green we go to buy the ingredients..and what? Someone states they cook better than me and gets started...
Out comes the blender, the colander, green chillies, garlic...

I am easing down on the sofa with a glass of red wine. Ahhhh!!! Bliss...a husband who can cook and knows the difference between a colander and coriander...ooooh!!!
Strange noise...huh?
Again..strange noise like some drill working in the house.

Needless to say the sound emanates from the Kitchen..a quick peek reveals green splatters on every surface in the kitchen..including him. Never mind..Sound - AGAIN!! what is it..
The chopper/grinder has died...after 8 years of faithful service..its been killed swiftly by the husband! Oh Dear!!
Can buy another hey! Never mind!

Glass of wine...sofa..i am back...
I hear *&%$!!! S*&T!!!
Now what?
Blood...everywhere...everywhere...someone has managed to touch the blade of the blender and run it at the same time...
finger chopped..blood and chutney everywhere..I add turmeric to make it clot...technicolour kitchen! cold water / ice cube/ turmeric....and a chef who aint feeling too good!!!

Oh Dear!!
Dare I this sorry figure splattered with green, blood streaming from his hand, glasses splattered with chutney..?
Yes I dare. I laughed. And Loudly too!
Cheers to the Mini Chef!!!

PS - Chutney was good!!


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats!

Post some wedding pics too

amxi5 said...

cracking piece :)