Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lessons Learnt from Getting Married

The past month was long and tiring. But one of the happiest in my life. I got married and despite having attended a million weddings I think I was not prepared for the following:
- People staring at you, like constantly.
- Photographers are way more irritating than they seem
- Its endless advice about what to wear, how to walk, talk and eat
- Long lectures about how to keep your in-laws happy
- Longer lecutures about how to be an obedient wife (!!!)
- Unasked for advice about hair and makeup and dress
- Innumerable requests for photographs with people
- All children gravitate towards the bride
- Shoes, no matter how expensive hurt eventually
- Jewellery gets stuck, very badly, in embroidery
- Make up makes you look thin and then people think you dieted for the wedding
- Flames in the fire for the wedding go very high if you dont watch it
- You see friends and family you are dying to get around and mingle with, but you cant!
- Tiredness is killing, no matter how much you rested
- Sentiments run high, and no matter how hard headed or hearted, or WILL cry
- As much as you do enjoy your own wedding- you WILL be glad when its done and dusted

I sound like an ungrateful wench...I am not really. Its just that attending a wedding as a guest was SO very different from being the one with the spot light on!! I promise to be MUCH nicer to who ever gets married next!!!

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Upasna said...

heheh! this is brilliant...i always wondered how the poor ppl getting married could smile all the time, for pictures and guests! And tht thing abt children losing it during weddings is so darn true!