Friday, February 01, 2008

Joint problems

And so it happened that we walked along the Southbank, along the Thames, past Westminster, past The London Eye, past the coffee shops, along the stretch of the river till we reached the Tower of London which most people think of as London Bridge..walked walked walked, ate some pastry, had some coffee, caught the tube, went to South Kensington, walked around Harrods, walked around Brompton Road, had more coffee and then went back to Oxford Circus, walked to Edgeware Road...ate kebabs..walked past Maroush and then got home.
I managed to twist and wrench my knee. It got swollen, now I can not walk without wincing..and need to see the Doctor to get a walking stick!

Life sucks! Or maybe its Old Age!


Chakoli said...

Hey dear..
old age...!!!!!

so hw old are you...??
but still....people could oversom e any problem with determination...and this dosent sounds too BIG:-))))

chandni said...

old age already!!

Har har har!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..sigh im balding, bewhiskering and be(?) paunching ..old age indeed. welcome to the gang

Morpheus said...

How old am I?hmmm..I turned 30 last OLD.
Its a 'medial collateral ligament' injury as the doc says..which means I walking with a stick..:)