Friday, February 29, 2008

Possibility of both?

Of course he should bring me flowers on a whim.
He should whisk me away for a weekend to Paris.
He should also buy me things to wear..clothes, shoes, perfume, jewelery..
I want to be swept off my feet..politeness and door opening, and all that...
Precious is my middle name. I wear high heels.
I like floral prints.
Small and petite I am, I like it when people help me lift luggage to high racks.
Candlelit dinners, long drives at night.
Walking on a beach in moonlight,
and listening to the silence of the mountains.
I like holding hands and being told I am loved.
Yes I am a romantic.

But then..
I also do not want to be treated like I am made of porcelain,
Cleaning and cooking do not come as bonus skills with a uterus.
Vacuum cleaners and dishwashers are not gender specific.
I do not like being told what to wear.
The body I have is not all that I have, I would like appreciation of what resides in my head too.
I am not on object and do not like being treated like one.
I can drive, open doors, unlock phones, operate machines,
I also like technology and know how to work it.
the presence of breasts does not diminish my ability to use logic.
The love of high heels does not mean I cant outrun you.
I work hard, and play hard.
Scotch on the rocks and cappuccinos are equally favoured.
I am not a responsibility.
And no one owns me.

Is it possible to be a feminist and a romantic?


chandni said...

of course!!!!

CAR said...

hehe, mutually exclusive I think but entirely possible in another universe :-)