Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Please welcome - Tiger!!

Yes..I have got it. My very first, brand spanking new Laptop. After years of thinking..and knowing that I know next to nothing about computers...I took the plunge and bought one. Let me not take the credit for choosing it though...have smart friends who know more about computers than I will ever figure in my life. So BIG thanks!!
So..as I started it up for the first time. Being the DUH that I am...saw 'name your machine'...Is it a pet/ a child/ what..I thought? Why name a machine..Can this machine be human? Bearing in mind it will help me deliver my first child..The PhD thesis...yes...it might well be a human. So I named it TIGER!!
So please Welcome TIGER to my family! (applause)
About climbing..from the last blog entry. Went well..have mountain goat genes somewhere in me I think. Climbed up and down a wall pretty quick. No pains or pulls happened..though I did get sore finger tips from grabbing pieces of rock to haul me up. Shall try and take pictures when I go next time..tomorrow.

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