Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Right..I am back to sorting. I think I spend most of my time sorting..sorting my head, my thoughts, books, papers, clothes, music, travel, PhD dimensions, the past, the present, the future...making plans and then pricking tiny holes in them for doubts to flow through. Then being positivity personified and making the holes into windows of opportunity. Thinking brand new thoughts, revisiting books and ideas and then re-sorting them.
Making further plans...and then thinking that planning makes no sense.
Futuristic thinking makes no sense.
As of now..right this moment...the plan is to go rock climbing..and if I dont break any bones I shall be back tomorrow..I dont think I shall break I shall be back tomorrow.
Shall go home and sort my climbing gear first!!!


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Morpheus said...

Thanks for the compliment about the Blog. I am not really into or otherwise :)thanks anyhow!