Thursday, September 22, 2005


In love..with Tiger..
almost feels like I have got a new toy to play with and so I look forward to getting home and get cracking with work. Its good. obsessive thesis writing happening currently.
Apart from that..great achievement has happened. Quit...quit smoking for good. Nicotine patches are helping as of now...but it feels good to not be enslaved by a piece of burning paper with smoke on one end and an idiot on the other end!
so apart from that...its been a busy week so far. teaching at the prison..babysitting..or attempting to babysit a 1 month old and a 3 year old...exhausting..very exhausting..its like going for a walk...long one, working all day and doing 2 hours in the gymn combined! YARGH!!!


Vikas Kaul said...

nice! loved to read a few of your posts. keep blogging.


Morpheus said...

Thanks. This is a cooler way of talking to myself to stay sane in a very very insane world :)