Monday, October 03, 2005

Noticing Greed.

Ever noticed..

The more you like something,
the more you want of it.
The more you want of it,
the less you want to live without it.
The less you live without it,
the more you cant imagine what life was like without it or before it.
And when that happens...
You start thinking..what if this finishes, ends, gets lost, breaks..what if... what if...
There is only so much Money can buy and only so much Master Card can.
And there is only so much else you can get yourself, without help of the afore mentioned.

How does one hold onto something precious?
Or should one give up trying to hold and go with the flow?
Or should extreme positivity be resorted to? where 'Ofcourse nothing will happen' should be the approach?
Or should one subsscribe to 'Live for today' formula..grab what you get today, you dont know if tomorrow will come?

Dont know.
Looking for answers.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Bua,

Doesn't it depend on what the thing is?

And the simplest answer is that it is about being balanced. Knowing when to hold on and knowing when to let go. And never to second guess your decisions :-). Cos you are human...