Thursday, October 20, 2005

Early Mornings..and bad days

I just know when a day is going to be bad.
Woke up rudely to the alarm this morning at 6.00, was having visions of disgustingly cooked Pao Bhaji..I was feeling sick in my dream!
Woke up to pitch dark outside the window and the moonlight still shining. Hate this early morning darkness and it will only get worse.
eyes closed..I go to switch on the make the Absolutely essential tea..there is no milk!! and no sugar. ok..its ok...I shall look for milk powder..but thats finished too. In the meantime the toast decides to burn. On top of this the heating did not come I was freezing. Could have cursed aloud..did not..old enough to know how to behave myself..aren't I?
Fortunately did not miss the bus. But work was horrible. Had a fight in my class between two inmates and now I have one more person with my name on their hit list.
Heading home now, let me see what else is in store..Today is NOT over yet!!

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namesake said...

hope the aftermath was positive of the terrible sounding time u had!
wonder are things sometimes as bad as we feel really.when we are part of the system, yes.but step back in retrospect and you'd feel not so bad after all! smile and brush it away!