Wednesday, October 26, 2005


If I don't agree with you, does this mean I don't love you?
If you don't see my point does that mean I am wrong?
If I see what you mean but don't subscribe to it, does it mean I don't care?
If I don't take your advice and do as I feel, will you stop caring for me?
If I agree with you all the time, and always listen, will you love me forever?
If I think the way you do and so be another you, will you still love me?
Is having an opinion and a different personality, wrong?
Or is it I will love you inspite of disagreement and despite personality differences?

So what does one do, when faced with disagreement? Argue till Kingdom come? Convince? Or understand that disagreement is not a reflection on emotional attachment. Stick to ones point and not give in. And have hard feelings?
Are things people argue about important? Important enough to affect emotional attachments?
How important is the most important thing? More important than love? Is it?

I think Mum can answer everyone of these questions. I have argued with her day and night. I have been allowed my difference in opinion and personality and thinking. We have fought, argued, I have cried and tried and tried and cried. At moments I used to wish she would see what I am saying.... love and respect for her never changed. Arguments are fine. Disagreements - healthy, differences - expected, no two people are alike. But...

....Love is..never conditional. Never.


Shiv said...

Splendidly worded !

Rightly said, No two personalities are alike (..and Thank God they arent).

Arguments : Either you are close enough that you care to pull your point through or you don't care less. I say let arguments be a clash of view-points rather then egos.
I like to argue in a way that doesn't end in "Well, we are different, because thats not the way I look at it.", rather end one with a more refined thought procedure capable enough to understand one more aspect of the same thing.

But I fail to see why love should be unconditonal!! :-)

Morpheus said...

Love can never be..I love you only do this/ agree with me etc etc
It can be right when it is...I will love you today coz you are doing what I want, saying what I want to hear etc
Love just IS. Love someone and love all parts of them..the crazy bits, the normal bits and the bits you dont like..coz thats the whole person..and no two people are alike. Learn to live with the differences and you will learn something new everyday

DreamCatcher said...

Morph, I agree. Love can never be conditional.