Monday, October 17, 2005

at Peace

Feeling at peace. a non delirious way. Satisfied a non indulgent way. Just a very 'Hmmm' look on my face. The hint of a smile. Somewhere inside my I am ok. Not worried about anything. Just happy, pleasantly so at being alive. Not feeling restless. Not feeling jumpy or as if I am missing something. Quietly complacent.
I know something is missing and I have given up trying to guess what it is. There is something in my head that is nagging me, troubling me, worrying me. Dont know and I have stopped trying to figure it out now. Forget it, whatever it is..will appear.
Meanwhile I shall continue to be calm :D

1 comment:

namesake said...

"You are not alone" - will telling u that help dude :))
Ever thought whatever you feel is amiss, night not be worth that much anyway!
I get a feeling you are being unfair to yourself!
U have all the right to attaining joys you wish without feeling so complacent!