Friday, October 21, 2005

And its FRIDAY!

After the nonsense of yesterday...I have today..which is nearly over..just a few weeks to christmas and I get to go home and chill...quite literally. So I am ok.
The day was not as bad as yesterday...but its not over yet!! not yet.
I wont be surprised to find an empty fridge and a rumbling tummy in a few hours.
Its pouring down with rain, dark and cold.
But then Diwali is coming soon...though its in the middle of the week!
I dont have to go to work the next 5 days!!
But thursday and friday will be killers.
I can relax over the weekend,
But I have a long list of to-dos to get around.
balancing act happening.
when will christmas get here?
I shall go drown my thoughts and sorrows in the some wine and some good pasta..and perhaps a nice movie :)

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