Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Disaster Strikes

I know I am not the most graceful of people, but I do know how to cook. But last night I managed to get attacked by a defiant aubergine which did not want to be friend, so..it decided to fly out of the pan and flick some scalding hot cooking oil in my direction.
Hand scorched and scalded in 7 places! Fortunately I had a friend over for dinner who managed to dash out and get some anti septic burn cream, an aunt on the phone who patiently told me what to do.
The problem now is using a mouse..any time my hand brushes against any surface it KILLS!! so last night was a series of wake up with flashing pain as my hand brushes some surface or the other.
Never mind..I am not 5 yrs old according to some people..so I shall act my age..and pretend it does not hurt..when it does!!
and the excitement in my life continues...

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