Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man or Wuss, what would you prefer?

Recent rumblings in women's magazines and newspapers have revealed an increasing tendency for women to go for real men. Real here meaning..Spartacus variety, strong, muscular, energetic men. Gone are the days when women wanted a man with feelings, with emotions, one who knew his way around the kitchen and knew what a toilet roll means.

Some time back we were keen to see the Metro sexual man, the one who was in touch with his feminine side, who could make a cup of tea in the morning for himself and also know what to say if you asked me the eternal trap question,'Do I look fat in this?'. We wanted some one soft, who could discuss things without anger, see your point, understand the need to cry once in a while, and also be able to read poetry and go shopping without dragging his feet. A man who could compliment your handbag, and notice a haircut instantly. This man was perfect, he was male but bordered on being like a gay friend. The one you could chat to constantly without feeling worried, but with the added advantage of chemistry, rather than the back of mind thought..wish he was not gay and then he would be perfect!! He was the man minus the pains of having pea for a brain, rock instead of body, smooth cheeks- rather than the stubbly, ironed shirts, moisturized skin, sexy cologne, nice voice and sensitivity!! Perfect!!

Now, it seems this has changed. We are keen to get back to the lantern jawed, bicep, tricep, quadricep developed, gym going, testosterone loaded man. The all new (well not really) Alpha male. The one who can pick up boxes, lug your suitcase, does not bother about his nails, plays a rough sport, drives a beat up car, has male friends and hates shopping. He is the one who hogs the sofa and the TV remote. The one who farts, burps and immensely enjoys all of these bodily functions. He is rough and when needed tough. He makes you feel small, feminine and cherished. The eve to his Adam!

Well this is what recent research has said. I am not sure if the well balanced but leaning towards being able to use your night-renewal-moisturizing-cream man is the right answer. Men are men, whether they are Billy Elliot or they are Spartacus. Finding the perfect mix might be tough and seem impossible, yes, grass is greener, no perfection does not exist, yes men are a pain, sometimes...okay okay..quite often. But hey we cant change them, letting them feel that they can be who they are is the first step, and then probably hypnotizing them at a later stage and giving them therapy might be the only way out.


Deepak said...

God save men! :(

Upasna said...

"He makes you feel small, feminine and cherished"

Jesus! I like this whole Adam Eve thingie, whoever thought of it first must've been brilliant !