Monday, August 06, 2007

You Make Me Smile - Lyrics by Me.

I was singing this....I cant tell you the tune, but it can be sung, words in my head, composed as I walked in the sun today.

As I walked along,
A cloud over my brain and one above it.
Thinking dark thoughts,
I started to smile,
Because I remembered yours.

You make me smile when I think of you,
You make me laugh when I hear you in my head.
I wash a cup of tea,
The one you always pick,
and I smile.
I trip over wires,
that you left connected,
and I smile.

I wear your favorite color,
and I can almost see your expression,
and I smile.
I put on my make up,
and hear what you say in my head,
and I smile.

I look at the wedding pictures,
and see you grinning,
and I smile.
Your CD still plays,
I sing along like you do,
and I smile.

Your friends talk about you,
your family mentions you,
my friends ask about you,
and colleagues wonder about you,
and it makes me smile.

I smile, smile, smile.
Because you make me,


SpaceMonkey said...


Someone's Sen-ti-men-tal!!!!

Soulmate said...

am sure this will make a nice song if someone can compose a tune for it... Sell them to A.R.Rahman or Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy or ....!!!
Nice lyrics...

Sahar said...

Sounds real good, I like the easy lyrics....u may have a future as a songwriter! Kudos!