Monday, August 27, 2007

The New World

Imagine yourself:

~In a new country
~In a new city
~Very far from all family and friends
~You are lost for direction and know no one
~You are here to stay for a year at least
~The currency and food are beyond comprehension
~You did your research, but this is real-time
~You can not turn around and run
~You can not moan and complain

Yes, its September soon and Universities across the world open to new students. The world is a smaller place, but no less daunting. Its a mix of excitement and the apprehension of the unknown. Its the feel of the cold air, which smells different and the scope of meeting a whole lot of new people you might be friends with for a while. Its the reminiscence of home made food and the warmer climates. The longing for known roads and the familiar faces. But for many this is also the step, or rather a leap away from the known into the something that needed dreaming, planning, hard work and a lot of anxiety.

As airlines book in young people to fly across the skies in pursuit of further education, September shall be yet another month that sees Universities welcoming the new lot of students. Term has not started yet, but the planning is nearly over. I see new lost faces walking around town and I feel sorry for their lost looks, but also envious of the blank sheets of paper they are right now.

To those who are in this boat of being an International / Overseas student, best of luck. Those of you, who have been in that got over it!And shall hopefully never be in that boat of excited and scared, hopeful but wary, far away from home and clueless mode!!

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mar00ned said...

Its not just the students ... there are other too, who move cities, leave folks behind, blahblahblah and chose alien places for "educational" reasons. :-D