Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas - Hate it?

In contradiction to previous post:
Its Dec, its nearly Christmas....and there are a LOT of annoying things around:
...the endless christmas carols in the shopping malls dreaming of a 'white christmas', well global warming has taken over..and we can dream on..there is going to be no snow anytime in Dec from the looks of it.
...the complete lack of any colour but red. The streets are red, the shops are red, everything is red. And if you dont like that need to run away, somewhere non-red!
...the complete lack of availablity of anything that has nothing to do with Christmas, eg..birthday cards, non red clothes, wrapping paper without stars and 'Merry Christmas' on it.
...the queues in the shopping malls, specially for food.
...the enormous strain and stress on people's faces as they buy loads of 'meaningful' presents for everyone they know
...the pressure to meet and greet family you dont get along with and spend a whole day being nice to them.
...The Christmas goodies and shopping is around in shops from August!! and then they count back!! Oh Dear!
...Boxing Day sales brings people out with ammunition and protection on to fight the crowds who go shopping in the sales..its MAD!
...the grey skies and the cold weather that is essentially a part of Dec.
...the constant question, ' so..what are YOU doing for Christmas?' in my case..nothing much, I get a tree, I put it up, I sit near it and wish I was home, some friends might come but I am not sure!
...the congregation of families, so there is no one on the streets and it looks lonely, and if you are, God forbid, sitting miles away from any family..then it makes you feel worse!
...the whole 'get-drunk-and-kiss-someone-at-the-christmas-do-in-the-office' syndrome. Its almost like a tradition in UK, you must get drunk and then you can be really silly and get away from the trouble you may cause by kissing your boss and since its christmas, its ok! It is silly..sp if the boss thinks that way!
...The whole dodge the Mistletoe business..I am too short to spend time arching my neck to check for mistletoe, so dodging sneaky people who wait for you to stand over it is annoying..and there ALWAYS is a tonne of mistletoe around!

I could take it in good humour and laugh about it, but as it happens year after gets a tad annoying!! You land up wishing you were somewhere else..and start to get tired of the whole thing..I already have students whingeing about why they shall be asked to attend lessons right after X'mas! I should be kind and generous...'tis the season for giving after all! Oh Dear!!

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