Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas - I Like

I am not Christian but I have studied in a Roman Catholic School with Irish Patrician brothers for a long time....
I am not Christian but I live in England where the Queen is the head of the Church...
I am not Christian but I like sitting in churches and I cant walk past one without going in...
I used to hang a stocking when I was younger and did believe in Santa...perhaps I still do..I find the Grotto's that spring up very interesting..
I am not Christian but I like midnight mass and I know most carols...

...and I like Christmas trees,
...and the fake snow,
...and the tinsel,
...and the fairy lights,
...the tiny presents,
...the mistletoe and the holly.
I like the streets all lit up,
I like the people rushing around the buy things.
I like the spirit of love, giving and kindness that comes with the season.
I also appreciate the holidays and the effort people make to meet their families.
I like the hopefulness for the snow to fall on the right date.
I like the carol singers and the saxophonist who plays haunting tunes on the street.
I like the smell of pine from the trees.
and the excitement on children's faces.
I shall wish you a merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you..

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