Monday, December 18, 2006


Its a fine thing. Its a strange thing. And it can do wonders.
One can remember flashes from childhood, a favourite toy, a place visited, a dress you liked, a scary moment in a school play, the death of a pet..the list goes on. Most of these are not nasty memories, just things that left a lasting impression on you.
As you grow older the memories change - examination halls, a crazy time with close friends, embarassing moments with members of the opposite sex, and even more embarassing ones with members of the same sex, travels to places new, experimentation with thoughts, things, and people. Surprises and shocks, gifts and laughs, work and jobs, friends, foes and family....the list goes on..our mind is like a memory bank..without which we wont be who we are.
Over time..details fade away, you could remember a person, but not their name. You could remember a face but not know where you saw it. You could remember the season but not the happens.
One thing that does stand out is how quick the past becomes a distant past and the present switches and becomes a recent past. Memories build up quick.

I reflect today on the one of the few people who I held in high regard for their immense intelligence and sharpness of mind and a lot of love as well. In my head he shall always be a smiling and loving sharp old man. Today his memory does not exist, and his recognition is gone...but to me he will always important part of my past. Of me. One has to learn to let go. This present shall become a past.

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