Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Just started reading Jungle Book again, after a long long time..its so lopsidedly discriminatory...strange how such things dont strike you as a kid! Never thought about this when I sat and watched the film or read the book as a very young child!!


Upasna said...

surprised tht u say tht, even I havent re-read it...maybe i shud!

Morpheus said...

you should..its all about white men on elephants and brown men running on foot..and things like that. I used o like Kipling..but now I am not too sure! Hate being a grown up!

Sudhanshu said...

My thoughts exactly. remember mentioning to somebody a few days ago that I liked Kipling as a child. And he was surprised to know that an Indian could "not hate" let alone like Kipling. Amazing how dont notice such things as kids