Tuesday, December 12, 2006


You move to a new location, you look around, get your bearings and you start living. Initially you think..this is NOT home, this is a temporary settlement, this is for only so long and so you keep to yourself. You are hesitant to explore because you know not much, and sometime...just sometimes you are afraid of finding something that you will really like..but you dont want to like it, just in case it is better than what you get at home. You are reluctant to buy creature comforts due to the temporary nature of your existence in a new place.
Longish period of time passes and you start automatically comparing this with that, and always, but always..back home wins, there are no contests..nothing compares to home. You forget that often appreciation is good and no one is challenging your loyalites.
You home is in your heart, its a part of you. You carry it where you go, nothing compares to it, but the planet is big and the places many. Appreciation is key and loyalites are never questioned, let alone challenged.

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