Wednesday, July 04, 2007

One Flew Over...

Its not been too long since the last time I had one of my students kill himself. It came as a nasty surprise this morning. Intense depression was not cured by intensive therapy and a close watch. It was depressing to see a young life wasted. And last night. Another one. Another young prisoner who had enough of being in prison decided to end his own life by setting himself and his cell on fire. What a painful and desperate thing to do. I feel for his family and for all those who loved him.
Death in custody is fastidiously monitored and trained for in prisons, we have all sorts of paper work to make such incidence a thing of the past. Lots of training, yet issues which could become options between life and death are left as paper trails to be picked and followed within the regime timings. A lot of lectures and information leaflets and constant vigilance while interacting with prisoners. Yet you do not know who shall slip through, and when, and how. It is sad.
Some would say he was a criminal and must have harmed another human being and does not deserve sympathy. I do not think so, these are young people who have gone off the rails, they do horrible things, but then they also spend a lot of their young lives in prisons as a punishment. They do not deserve to die.

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