Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why me?

I often wonder if it is something about me, or maybe its just tattooed in invisible to me ink on my forehead, but I seem to be someone people come up to and tell me all about my problems. I don't get the why!
Apart from my internal personality traits, which I do not really wonder about, I sometime worry about people worrying. Why does absolutely no one have a problem free life. One meets perfectly happy people, and just as the coffee gets cool enough to sip - WHAM! Out comes what is bothering them and then I have to listen to the sometimes fascinating tales of how people think life sucks!
Not being an optimist currently I wonder why so many people have so many problems. Is it because our lives have become more complex? Surely not. Is it because we have too much time and energy to sit and analyze and over analyze situations and people, perhaps. Or is because we are now in a more communicative society, which permits information (read problem) sharing and also allows for discussions. Maybe all of the above.
But what I mostly hear about is relationship problems, bossy boss problems, not enough pay problems, in-law problems. All of which are known to be problems in generations before us. But I also hear about credit card problems, not finding yellow shoes to match problems, hair been dyed the wrong shade of auburn problems, the sun is not warm enough problems, strawberries rot in the fridge to soon problems, child does not speak problems.
But a majority of things that I do hear are about problems with what 'might' happen. It might be called anxiety, but the way I hear about them, it gives anxiety a whole new meaning! This is about stressed out people, who cant think of a way out and cant believe that sleeping over it can ever be a solution!
The point of this rant being, yes there is nothing such as a problem free life. Yes there is something to be said about living for today and being happy. But the amount of negativity I see coming out of people, whether it is about really horrible problems that have changed their lives, or something as small as the nail salon not being open on amazing. People seem to be unbelievable negative about just about everything! Are we a generation of moaners? Whining all the time?
Just saw on the BBC news tonight an old couple combined ages of 165, have just had their house flooded (weather has been S**T for the past 3 months in UK), everything is wrecked, useful things, expensive things, so many years of memories, and all they said on TV was, 'We have seen worse, I am sure we can get over and around this. It is a mess, but there is no point worrying about what has already happened and cant be undone'
Maybe there is something to learn, alternatively I could just stop moaning about people moaning to me :)

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Deepak said...

Everyone whines. That's human nature.

Maybe they should be given a whack in the head and a crash course on world knowledge. Then they'll understand that they are the lucky few in the world to have the best of living conditions.