Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom

Sat in a sunny park pondering today about this and that and discovered some things many people might have thought about, cursed and figured themselves at some point. Why is it?....

- All the dumb people have the most money
- The smartest guy has the best ideas but no money
- The worst looking guy, has the best looking girl
- The worst looking girl has the richest dad
- The coolest car is driven by the saddest person
- The most promising pal of yours is struggling in life
- The pathetic guy you ignored in school is doing really well
- The mouse type girl you did not look at in school is now WOW!!
- The sexy boy from the school football team is now fat and bald
- The one person you hated from college knows your boss at work


Deepak said...

It is called Murphy's law, milady!

Piper said...

Unbelievable! and SO true!