Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whazzup blood?

Whats good fam?
What popping out on the roads? Man like me is kicking back wid the man dem doing my ting still. How come you aint hollerd at me in years blood? Iv been in nearly a year now blood. Buts nutting Im back in the roads real soon. And trust me fam Im on some gritty shit. Man better be ready when I touch down on a next level. Are man still on the spitting ting? Ribs and them are back in here. They want man to link up wid the gully gang. But Im not on the spitting ting no more so if man are still on it I can link that for you still. Anyway you faggot boy how come you aint checked for Baz? He is going mad wid you man the last time I got a letter from him. Man like the B man is going on gully in swimmy. He bus up with Kev wid Wints and now hes on a next wing still. Bp was with my yout moving like a dickhead. When you see Vamps tell him Im going to bust his head because he told me to send him a VO but he never came when Cherrie came for him. So tell him dont even chat to me when I land. Iv sent a VO for you, sleeps and aftab. So book it soon as. Tell the man dem I said whats good and I will phone man soon. Holla back.
One Love

This is a letter from an inmate, to his buddy outside jail. I will not take credit for it...this is just a glimpse into how they think and how they talk, how they write. Having worked with them for so long, I know exactly what he means...I should get back on the road I guess.

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what does it mean?