Monday, January 07, 2008


Sometimes, some people, some places, some incidents...make you angry..not just the i-am-irritated-leave-me-alone variety, and not even the i-shall-stay-calm-and-get-over-it variety..this is the whole She-bang..the mother of all tantrums, the thrumming anger which takes over your body & soul. The kind which means that had you something to lash out at physically you would.
That I call Angry-Mad. You are so wound up you dont make sense to yourself.

You would lash out, physically.
You, though normally a mild mannered person, would gleefully hit the next person who comes in your way and annoys you.
You would, if you could, shout ARRRRGHHHH!!!!till you could shout no more.
Yes, I am talking the angry enough to walk 5 miles full pace without knowing where you went and how long and far you have walked. yes..guess you are getting the picture now.

Well this kind of anger only visits those who do not have a short fuse, who dont get rattled easily, who get mildly irritated at the most.
So if you are the hot and cold, short fuse, shall shout at a door that does not lock, and curse the hot water tap when it gets stuck, and at the spilt tea...then you are safe from this 'angry-mad' situation.

The upside are a rational calm person generally, once in 4-5 months or even more you get mad. If at all. This means you are easy to live with and easy going.

The downside take 2-3 days, not hours, to calm dowm.

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