Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Tend To Wonder

Random thoughts happening. I have a load of things to do and get out of my way (dont we all) and of course the more pressing the need and the closer the deadline..the further away I want to walk from work. My mother calls it 'shirking' some call it 'escapist' others call it 'lazy', I call it, 'work-best-under-pressure'...I do. It makes sense. When my back is against the wall and I KNOW that something needs doing, doing well ofcourse, but urgently needs doing, I think about it, I put it to the back of my head and then have Random thoughts:

~ Whether my dog is feeling better after being rather sick
~ I should upload a new version of my lecture on the e-learning website
~ This haircut is not very nice
~ Facebook is addictive and I should not use it
~ I missed that film which was based on the book
~ I never see chick flicks anymore
~ Why do men like action films with blood and gore
~ Would I sleep all day if I could?
~ Will India be cold in March?
~ Do I feel any differently about India than I did 10 years ago?
~ Why does winter behave like a petulant child and not go away quietly
~ Do I want to teach for the rest of my life?
~ Where would I like to travel to if money and time were limitless
~ Why do I like all mountainous places?
~ The Shampoo is running out
~ I need to think about calling some friends to dinner sometime soon
~ Why does going to gym make my mind empty?

....the list goes on..I can sit, thought hopping all day. I dont need a book, internet, TV, human company, phone..I can just sit there..thinking random useless thoughts and wondering..its amazing..and this need to wonder is directly proportional to urgency of things that need doing.


chandni said...

oh no! they are not random useless thoughts...they are part of our everyday life and trust me, have a role in the larger scheme of things...don't let anyone tell u otherwise!

SpaceMonkey said...

No, India will not be cold in March. Don't tell me you've been away from India so long to forget that.

BTW, what kinda dog do you have?

Morpheus said...

@Chandni- thanks, it feels good to know these thoughts are of some use

@Monkeyji - I have not been in Delhi in March since 1999 :) and I have a black cocker spaniel, same as the previous one, except this one eats anything...edible or otherwise :)

Deepak said...

The shampoo is running out

The first thought that came to my mind was this:

Latch the door. Don't let the shampoo "run" out. Lock it inside the room.

(Absurd and geekish thought...I know!)