Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank you George!

A 2nd year design class has just been lectured about ethics and then in the seminar I expected some of them to start talking about it. Well..they did not.
So we came down to a baser point..are there things/ people/ organizations you are theoretically / principally against?
No reaction.

So we try talking around the standard..Gap, Nike, Coca Cola pattern.
A few murmurs. But not the reaction which I was hoping for. (Bearing in mind most were wearing the first two and one was drinking the second one when I entered the room)

And there I am thinking..this is going to be one long boring seminar.

So I say, ' I hate George Bush!'

Oh Boy..did the conversation start...it started, picked up, snowballed, and caused an avalanche of reactions!

If nothing else I hereby thank Mr.Bush for bringing out strong opinions and reactions in the quietest of classes and thereby being the most useful teaching resource!!

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