Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fitness Fetish Strikes

Yes, I am moving towards the wrong side of the wrong age. And the years of messing about with my body with just about anything going means that I am not in the best on health. Not saying that I am ill...but to put it mildly..I could do with some weight loss..Couldnt we all? Who said you can never be thin or rich enough...well whoever it was, was Right!!

So off we go to the local gym. Sign up for -power pack!, 5 point health check! Yes! we have a steam room! Yes! we have a sauna! Yes! we have over so many machines, Yes free weights, Yes! we have a women's only gym, Yes! we can do a GREAT offer right now, if you sign up for 12 months!! even better if you can drag a friend in and make them sign. And we only cost about 40£ a month...tch tch...dont want to spend that 'little' on your own health I hear you say? Oh
So after being harassed by this Duracell Bunny sales guy at the health club, the deed was done. Now I am committed to going to the gym for my health, and also out of spite..now that I have paid..I shall go! Therein lies the motivation.

So last night was the first time I went back to a gym after a year or so. Needless to say..perfectly tones abs, bums and tums were visible in every corner, and the center as well. Extremely fit people prance around the place..looking...extremely fit not to mention..VERRY BUSY..City-of-London-eat-your-heart-out busy.....its important work..this. The gym is not for the out of shape, ex smoker, love my drink type of person. Oh no. Its all about Lycra, shiny white towels, the energy drink, and Of course..the Ipod strapped to your upper arm!!

And thats not where the cringing ends. Oh no..you wait till you enter the changing rooms. Flashing aint illegal here...oh no sir! You are supposed to strut like the day you were born and not worry about it. Nakedness aside..I have male friends who fantasize about the female changing rooms..but I am not going there..Ahem! Nope!! I am going beyond the showered and changed bits..its the makeup. Oh yes, you need to flick your hair..blast it with the dryer, put on three types of cream, 2 kinds of deo, 1 perfume, six layers of makeup...including blusher to give you the freshly washed, exercise flushed, pink face.., high heels..and then off you go..at 9pm on a weekday..back home. Only to return the next day!! I must say...all I did was shake my head, apply some moisturizer and get out! I hate changing rooms :)


pilot-pooja said...

Going to gym takes away lot of time and energy.
Try Yoga!

saanjh said...

Liked the last para , about female changing rooms and male fantasies , the most.I personally know a coupla females who have joined a gym with the sole purpose of furthering their matrimonial prospects...But, then these r the kinds who dreamt of havng footballer hubbys all through their adolescence and thanks to the soccer scenario in India , they have to but settle down for gym-toned ones instead.