Monday, November 14, 2005

Forgive me Oh Lord...

OK..confession time..I have done the sin that many do each day. I have made the BIG mistake of paying £54.60 to Gap for two pairs of jeans which fit my short body. After hunting high and low for jeans that dont scrape the ground and fit me, in London, Leicester and Edinburgh...I found GAP of all places. A store I never enter and one that never tempts me to enter. I am sorely tempted at this time to blame my friend who wears GAP GAP and GAP...for leading me/ pushing me into the store. But let me be fair. I went on my own free will and paid from my own pocket. so!!
Being a believer in Fair Trade and other such concepts..I have never bought Nike, GAP and avoid paying for coffee at Starbucks and McD. BUT....I bought these infernal jeans and my soul will not rest. Due to my buying somewhere in Indonesia is being paid a platry sum for working ridiculous hours...Someone told me GAP has changed its CSR policy. I shalll scout for proof of this so I can let me sould rest.
Being melodramatic am I? Well I had a nasty ngithmare to accompany the guilt factor...amongst other things. So I dont think so!!

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