Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tiredness can kill...

Though I am not dead - yet...Its been an endless week and its not over yet. Working till late night, if not working, then thinking about the work I have to do. Long journeys ahead..loads to do in little time. Training and teaching and studying and shopping for food, cooking and cleaning, making lesson plans and marking assignments, reading journals and writing a thesis. Meanwhile thinking about Christmas and about going home. About shopping that needs to be done for gifts for Christmas and Birthdays that are coming up...hmmm. In between there is a conference to attend and a Hen party to enjoy. Meanwhile a new painting has come into my head and is pestering me to come out and be painted. Also some new books on Amazon look really tempting..ahhhh....or should it be an AARRGHH!!
Read somewhere in an obituary..'She lead a full life'...I am trying to lead an overfull life...or is everyone as mad as me.
I am happy...really tired but happy...happy with what I have chosen and happy with what I have..though some people might think I crib..I dont. I like this.
Tired but not dead, exhausted but not finished, down but definitely not out!!!

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