Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mum and Marriage!!!

If ever in doubt pick up phone, dial MUM.
She knocks in a few home truths as well as what she thinks is right, tacked on very smartly at the end with a ' You do what you want, after all you are a young independent person'.
Is it something all of us young, independent (financially and otherwise) women have to face?
We are 'responsibility' till we are married and then we are someone else's responsibility..ie.husband.

I don't want to be anyone's responsibility, it makes me sound like I cant be left to my own devices to fend for myself. I do believe in good relationships which make you happy and secure and loved. But I would not get into one just to please the parents who don't see singledom as a voluntary option which can actually make you happy (for a while atleast).

Coming back to the point, mothers have this insanely perfect way of telling you what they think you should do, which is put diplomatically into conversations without ruffling feathers.

Whether it starts with the 'we are growing old..etc etc' or the 'now you are old enough..' this is Age school of thought. Heaven forbid the biological clock dimension comes in..then you are dead. There is no arguing the post-30-baby syndrome.

The other approach is 'You lead a stressful life, you need someone to share the load of it...' why do this to yourself when you can take it easy'...

Another school of thought which is not exactly diplomatic is the 'we met a really really nice young man...' This is when you say OH NO!!!!

And you know she is reaching the 'I give up on you' statement when she says...'Look, we are trying, if you have someone in mind, let us know..we are okay with it...'

At the end of the whole..we have been through this, and I know what you think, and yes I will think about it, comes the reasonable part. We don't want to push you into a wrong match and so you think. We just want you to be happy. And just when you think this is last time you have had this discussion..wait till she rings you back to see how your day was...and starts again. I fear to think what it would be like if she figures there might just be a certain young man in my mind..will she run and put up billboards of other Kashmiri pandits she wants me to look at or will she want to shoot this one person who threatens the only chance she might have to find the perfect groom for me. I do wonder...
Always loved experiments in school and in Psycho class in LSR..let me see......I want to ring and test my theory!!


Anonymous said...

akele hai toh kya gam hai..
chahe toh hamare bas mai kya nahi..

Morpheus said...

what is in our bas we have...but its supposedly pointless unless married or attached otherwise..according to parental consensus

SpaceMonkey said...

At first I thot you were Anshul. But obviously I was wrong. So who _is_ this? And btw, neat blog. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog..I thought I would read one article and move on..I read one and then another..and ended up reading all your articles..why?..you have beautifully penned down your thoughts..I am IMPRESSED..should you write a book, lemme know..