Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The past runs faster than me..

There seems to be no getting away. From my mistakes. From my past. Everyone has one, many are capable of hiding it and diminishing it into insignificance. I am not running from it. I accepted it, lived in it. Lived without it and got away from it.
I made mistakes...and I paid heavily for them. I did my time with depression and hurt and pain and tears and why-am-I-alive thoughts...Been there done that. I have paid my dues and I shall not be penalised for it again.
I have found happiness again and I am not about to give up on it because of some overdue fines which might be levied on me. I have fought tooth and nail to get out of being...
wish-I-was-dead to
I-dont-care to
hmm-whatever to
I-remember-what-it-feels-like-to-smile to
I-love-being-me to

I am happy and I wont let anything come between me and my happiness ever again. God knows I deserve some now.

I might be sounding militant...but each one of us has a chance to be happy...we can grab that and be happy or let go and live with a life time of if and i-wish situations. Believe in something...GO for IT!!!

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