Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Biases and discrimination..

None of us are saints (and for those of you who are...dont read my blog..coz I am not and you might find it offensive)..and we do our bits of seeing things in black and white and shades of grey. We do sit on judgements though we think we are not doing that..a majority of us are constantly assessing and judging almost everything we see or do...this is good, bad, silly, strange, ridiculous..absurd, name it and we use every adjective we know of to classify things into a comprehensible pattern of likes and dislikes in our heads. You might even be doing it right now..reading my blog..

I think it is fair to judge and being a fair world (at some level hopefully) and given the fact that one is generally (assuming again) smart enough to know how to judge.

The problem comes when we judge unfairly or critically and harshly and becomes worse when we do so with a bias in our mind. In a fair world (i use the horrifying word again) everyone would be equal, no discrimination on the basis of colour, caste, race, religion, sex etc. In a fair world you would judge people according to who they are and not what they are.

Honestly speaking how many of us do that?
Can you honestly say you dont discriminate?
And if you you think you should do something about it?
Is it not time to stop disliking and judging..god knows there is enough hate in this planet for it to self destruct...
Am i being naive?
or am I being judgemental and judging you for your biases and discrimination? Are we not all unique snowflakes ? (like I mentioned before)


De.vile said...

I wish there was a simple way to answer that. We all do live complicated lives and blame it on all those brain cells to get up complex ideas.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to being just the self, the way you are.
After so much of thought and manipulation, don't you just lose yourself!
Applied philosophy, Applied mannerisms, Stereotype whats wrong-whats right : consider all that & in the end you have nothing but a confused mind and body.
Chill, and bindaas raho!
And, look beyond the apparent.