Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Types of men

Touchy one, this one...I know.
Everyone has an opinion on this one..I know...
There are 3 types of men...I know I am generalising and being judgemental (despite previous blogs)..but hey this IS my blog I can say What I want :) ALWAYS.

Category one: Mummy's boy..
Will listen to mummy and mummy shall think for him. He saves his brains (if any) and lets other people make a decision for him. He will never disagree with the powers that be and shall never have opinions, likes and dislikes of his own. Mummy daddy will decide what he should study, where from, what to wear and what type fo friend, later on who to marry and what and when to do with the wife. I have friends like this and I know some lovely people who fit into this category.

Category two: Man with Mind of his own.
This type thinks he knows it all. He knows his mind, he knows his tastes and he knows what he wants. What he wants is approval from his mummy about everything. What to wear he decides, how does it look, she decides. He then decides whether he wants to listen or not. This type want to do the independent thing..of going his own way, making his own decisions, finding his own girl. But then ditching it all to go along with what mummy finds for him. So he has his fun with his imaginary intelligence and independence and the goes and conforms and marries the girl mummy chose for him. Okay quite a few of the people I know fit into this category..they may not like to accept it..but they do.

Category three: The Perfect man.
This type has high regard for his parents and will not do anything to hurt or offend them. He listens to them and then thinks about what they have to say. He then either agrees with them or shows then his point of view. He does not think that life is easy and perfect but he does know he needs to stick up for his own happiness and decisions. He shall apologise for his mistakes but not be held guilty for them for the rest of his life. He would like acceptance but not neccesarily approval. Now this is virtual reality here...know very few people like this. Maybe I know the wrong men!!

Its time for you to see where you fit and also see if there are more categories that exist. I dont think they do...but people have opinions and they are welcome!!


mar00ned said...

I am a mommy's boy (category 1) :-D

BTW, whats wrong with you ? Why are most of your blogs centered around two things : mum and marriage?

Morpheus said...

Being category 1 woman, with a career in place and finances sorted. Heading towards 30 i suppose all women think about this stuff while filing our nails :) You would not know coz mummy would not have told you yet!! he he he