Thursday, December 08, 2005

One good turn...

Last evening when I came to my desk I saw a cell phone connected to the wall and the owner had apparently left. I tried to call 'MUM' which was saved on the phone list, no response. So I called the last dialled number and told a girl called 'Liz New Mobile' that the owner of the number that flashed on her screen has left their phone in the office and it could be collected from the Head of Deptt. The lost phone was collected this morning. I was not in all morning. Have just come back to my desk to see a bunch of roses and a letter saying

'Thank you for keeping my phone. I want to bless you (and take you out to dinner) because you have blessed me. I really appreciate it, my name is(...)and my number is(...)!!'

One good turn and all that. But come to think of is a bad bad bad thing when one loses a handbag / wallet or cell phone...I would not mention PDA and Filofaxes...shudder to think of that. Our lives our linked by tiny silvery slivers to the people who we know...the most important ones are those whose numbers can be dialled in the dark without even looking at the are memory related, though as important at times. These slivers lie intercoonected in our contacts folders/ PDAs/cellphones/filofaxes/laptops etc...and a life after the loss of these is difficult to imagine. The importance of the contacts is directly proportional to the 'bad-ness' of the loss I think.

How much would life change with these material loses?

Stop the philosophy...I am quite happy to receive so heartfelt and thankful a note from someone who obviously is in love with their Nokia!!

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