Monday, December 19, 2005

I see...

Christmas all around me. Maniac shoppers and the paranoid, running alongside the badly planned and the oh-i-completely-forgot types. Its STRANGE when you see this part of the world going through too much alcohol & food, stress about eating, about cooking, about pretending to be a big loving family, about critical in-laws, about out doing last years party, about getting the right gifts and not forgetting anyone, about making the house look warm and welcoming, putting up lights, cleaning the rooms...
..and then about opening presents, sending thank you cards, tidying up the mess, getting rid of the weight gain from over indulgence, paying higher bills and credit cards, taking out loans toi manage payments for gifts.
This IS the season to be jolly..does that mean suling for the rest of the year.
This IS the season to give and share...and the season does finish, apparently.

For anyone who is stressed out about this...season...its happy. And relax, let it snow and let the love you have for your nears and dears grow.

For all those who are not participants in the Christmas show...have a decent winter, wrap up and warm and enjoy what seems to be the coldest winter yet!! And if you a friend de-stress about it.

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