Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stress, Worries & Travel

Sometimes you think, you are not worried, you are fine. But you are worried, deep down inside.
Sometimes you think, yes i am stressed and worried, but you are not really.
Sometimes you are ok and you think this is about as fine as i get, but you know you can be much better.
Its strange when you base your decision making on people who you dont know. Its strange to hang on tenter hooks for the future of your own happiness.
Is it not strange that we find what makes us happy and then wait for other people to decide if its ok or not?
Does happiness come with a 'be selfish' tag, or a 'must get approval' tag.
I dont know.
I am heading home in a weeks time. Back to India. Meanwhile the mundane elements of travelling have to be sorted..the packing, the throwing the food you wont eat, cleaning the house, taking tickets and passport, buying last minute gifts and then the eternal wait at Heathrow. Its easy to say bye when I am leaving, however I dont like to be the left. Surpirsingly both shall happen to me over a period of 3 days.
So I dont think I am ok. I dont like being away from the people I love and so, much as I like the knowing that I shall meet again, the knowledge of the impeding Bye bye is bugging me.

This entry shows, I am ok, but not really. I am fine you know. Just that thinking too much as seems to be my latest hobby. Well atleast I have three novels to get through in the journey and as above, plenty of thinking. I will be just fine. Now I am straving and so going home to eat!! Hunger rules!!

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