Thursday, December 22, 2005

I moan too much

I think I do...just re-read my last blog entry...oooh...sadness!!
Not really..I am generally a happy, sunshiny person but things get to me and then I can groan like no tomorrow. Well the deal is I had tonnes to usual. My to-do lists run into meters :) And i like it that way. Being unoccupied and boring is worse than being dead :)
I am all done now..things sorted. things packed. All sorted. Yes I am an efficient person. But the process to getting anything done is...
Much shaking of head and cribbing at the thought of work
Frowning and muttering...
Much thinking about how to get out of it.
Realisation (and buddha moment) that I should and could do it.
Done...and dusted,
BIG smile on face


Anonymous said...

do u think anyone is interested in knowing what u think and feel dame..i think u r wastin ur time ovr this mam

Morpheus said...

Does it look like i care about what other people think? This blog is all about me me and then again more me.
I care about what I think and feel!!
perhaps you are wasting your time visiting this blog..SIR.