Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Meet Mr Fox

Last night after a whole day of wandering around Covent Garden and Drury Lane in London, I had dinner and then went to bed. Knowing it shall be a long day today with the flying back to India.
So, lights off and just when I was getting warmed up lying in bed..I thought I heard something. The house I am in has been broken into before and I admit I am a bit paranoid about any sounds now. So...I sat up in bed and waited for more noise. Some scraping and tapping but none of the alarms or lights came on. The movement sensors did not pick anything yet either.
Went back to sleep..woke up again with more noise. This time I was sure there is something other than the central heating kicking in. So I went to look out of the window into the garden...and the movement sensor lights came on suddenly. Caught in the glare was a magnificent fox, its fur standing up straight as it was scared. Bright red and gold he was with a bushy tail. It was closer to a wolf..except for his triangular ears and he looked straght at me with golden eyes. We were both paralysed for a moment. And then quick as a flash he was gone between the apple trees and the fence. He had been looking for food in the bins. Te natural habitat being monopolised by human development.
It was strange to see wildlife outisde the mandatory railings or glass walls, and that too in London. Face to face with just a door in between, knowing he is standing where I stand every morning to get the rubbish out.
Strange!! Very strange.
Nice! Very nice.

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