Tuesday, December 27, 2005

London For Sale

London IS officially on sale...everywhere you look everything is on sale..and from the looks of it yesterday Oxford street is now partly owned by Manic shoppers. The only signs you can read is SALE SALE SALE in steadily increasing font sizes!
There was no place to stand let alone walk last afternoon. The great British tradition of putting everything on sale on Boxing day continues...the news even makes it to the front page of the BBC this morning with stores opening at 5am!!! People actually queue up outside much before the opening. I dont want to get all philosophical about material culture of the British society in the 2000s, but cant help pondering about it.
A friend and I went shopping too...curiousity can NOT be curbed you see, we could not be bothered to enter stores where you have to claw your way in, kick your way out. Also the fact that there is no space in the afore mentioned suitcase or for that matter my cupboards at home..SO!
So, we went to the food section in Selfridges..found Aloo Vada (potato cutlets) and green chutney...came outside..sat on a bench near a traffic light on Oxford street..ate...and watched the world shop by!!fun!

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