Monday, December 12, 2005

Older..wiser..lets hope so

So..on the 9th...I turned all of 28...speeding away towards 30 and loving it. I think I am older and wiser and maturer...mum tends to think otherwise..(but then she always does)
It was uneventful till about half an hour before midnight..and then I was very pleasantly surprised by a person I love armed with a cake and candles, standing at my door!! Happiness!!! Perfection...I love surprises specially when they are done out of love!!
So I got a well deserved excuse for not going to work...called in sick (lied on my birthday)..and had a lovely day. Dinner and drinks later I lay tucked into bed...Happy. Thinking, if the way you spend your birthday is an indicator of how the following year shall be, then yes I am pretty sure I shall have a great year.
I dont know if at these advanced years of mine its a celebratory day..for me its more like reflecting on the year gone by and how it was and where I am now as compared to last year on 9-12-04 . A long way away from unhappiness and uncertainity..thats the answer. Touch wood-bly happy and smiling. So I guess its all good. Here is me on the day I turned older...

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