Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unique and Beautiful Snowflake...

Am I one? One of my friends thinks I am part of the 'compost heap' just the same as everyone else. I dont think so. I am my thoughts, in my actions and in my soul. I am like no one else. People might agree or disagree, see my point or not. Discover sense in this blog and my matters not..their uniqueness is reflected in their inability to understand me and understanding might mean we both might be snowflakes...but completely unique nonetheless in our own way.

In other news..just spent 5 hours travelling down from Scotland..its amazing how the landscape changes even in a small country like this. I spent the train journey with an old couple who were going to holiday on the coast, with a very small, but VERY fat dog. The dog wanted my Kit-Kat and so sat on my feet for 4 hours, and stared right up at me all through..which, coz I love dogs, I dont mind..but this was one greedy dog with soulful eyes, kind of like the one I have back home. You have to share whatever you eat or you would not be able to digest it. So yup..5 hours in the train, of which I spent some time reading some books, writing some parts of my PhD thesis and then bumping into people I would rather forget.

Is it not amazing how some people..when you look back, meant the world to you and now, you are probably not in touch, and probably dont even want to be. They fade into the background as the 'important' shoes get filled by other things or people. Some people who you thought were amazing when you were a kid, seem ordinary and not so amazing now. Some scenarios which you think were impossible..maybe even a year ago, are not only possible but very real now.

Its amazing how life just turns, turns, turns..and you make plans of eternal happiness, permanent jobs, future qualifications, far away dreams of far away lands which you shall travel one day...plans and even more plans..and meanwhile God probably smirks and life keeps turning.

But I seriously believe that things happen for your own good..there is a Masterplan which you wont know..but your happiness is central to it.

Is happiness, the lack of unhappiness, or another state of mind altogether? I wonder....
Whatever it is..I am happy as of now. Happy in a peaceful, smiling gently, drifting into sleep kind of way..hmmmmm!! Why should I not be...I am a snowfalke..and that cant be bad? right my friend?

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