Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bulls and Cows

Well, I have come out of the pile of paperwork that was burying me. Have been busy and now that the work is done..there is a BIG hole in my life, the hours I had been spending working are now..well..relatively free. So I am busy catching up with sleep and rest and reading and ofcourse food.

Reading a book called Animal Husbandry..which talks about Old-Cow, New-Cow theory..which is basically just that once a male (read Man) finds a female (new cow)he is quite interested in her and chases her till he gets her. Once he gets her, she becomes old cow. Now he looks for a new cow and the cycle continues. The old cow cant fool the male with deceptively new appearances (read change of clothes, makeup and perfume)The theory is based on animal behaviour (chimps and cows) where a Bull will not mate with the same cow more than once and the fact that perhaps only 3% of mammals practice monogamy....it makes an interesting read for women and men.

Still reading and thinking...

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