Thursday, February 02, 2006

Man / Men

From Princess Ida, Act II

"Darwinian Man, though well behaved,
At best is only a monkey shaved."

"Man will swear and man will storm─
Man is not at all good form─
Is of no kind of use─
Man's a donkey ─ Man's a goose─
Man is coarse and Man is plain─
Man is more or less insane─
Man's a ribald ─ Man's a rake,
Man is Nature's sole mistake!"


Anonymous said...

hey woman..where r u..mising in action? ? ..

Morpheus said...

right behind you..take a look. i am here...busy with Gamesoflight

amxi5 said...

yup, I am all those and more..

Morpheus said...

QED!! Thanks amxi5