Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Close enough?

Whether you are in a relationship or not..have you ever pondered over these?
- are you close enough to be able to bare your deepest darkest thoughts and fears to this person? Would you want to? Even at the risk of being judged?
- are you best friends and share everything? Or do you need your close friends to talk things out?
- are there things about you, only you know and you have no intentions of sharing these with anyone else? does this make you uncomfortable?
- How important is acceptance by family if you are perfect for each other and you are happy with this person?
- Would you want to change anything about the relationship? And are you able to talk about this?

I think...when you meet the other half of your soul..you are complete and whole. You are not afraid of judgement and breakups, you are not afraid of bearing your soul, laughing aloud, wearing mismatched clothes, crying over old thoughts and sad films. You are not afraid to expose your silly thoughts and fears, your inspirations and tunelessly sing the naffest of songs. Its perfection. Hope you have found it, and so recognise it..or will soon!


Anonymous said...

therr are some deep dark secrets that only time reveals. and won't be known to you any sooner.
so come down from cloud no. 9 ms./mr.morpheus...

Morpheus said...

Cloud 9 is only for visitors, I dont think it has been designed for permanent residence. I shall live here for a bit I think. Thanks for being your sunny self :)anon

amxi5 said...

I am what I am. Its the package..These days when I meet up with someone, I dont necessarily go out to show them my dirty laundry, but dont try and hide it as well. Its there, and will be..

"Tere bin, hor na kise, mangni merian bala"

wait and hope :)