Friday, February 17, 2006

Lazy Church Mouse

Empty fridge and rumbling tummy...worst combination which attacks the single variety of people.
It has been one of those days, when you think...yeah yeah I will get up, go buy some vegetables and fruits and cook some healthy food...and then you drink Coca Cola and have some Pizza and go to sleep. There was nothing to eat in my house last I had instant noodles..Maggi variety..
A burst of enthusiasm and visit to the gymn later..I was home with bags full of Chinese food ingredients. Loads of things from Lemon Grass upwards, prawns and name it, I bought it.
Now...I cant be bothered to cook...naahh...some tea and toast, shower and bed. Weekend starts tonight...shall cook tomorrow..
My cupboards are full and stomach is not. But you know the deciding factor is....the backside ..and as of now it decides not to get up!!

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