Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crazy night..

It was one of those nights, when you are SO tired you cant think straight. When you just want to lie in bed and become unconscious..tiredness kills, they say in this country, take a break.
I did. I did go to sleep at about midnight, only to awaken to strange dreams and myriad thoughts..the A-Z thinking started again (Thought labyrinth - 20 July , 2005)
The river by which I live, was throwing rippling reflections on my roof at 4.30 am, they look pretty in the daylight, but halogen light reflects creepily on water at night. Stayed awake, thinking till 7.00am, tried to sleep..but could not for some vague reason. So had tea, which DID NOT help. I was wide awake now, so got some books and tried to read myself to sleep - development theories generally do put me to sleep, but not this after 4 hours of sleep, 4 cups of tea, one sandwich and 3 and a half books..I am still awake and trying to function.
And now tiredness is trying to kill me. I have tonnes to do before I start teaching again tomorrow..and I dont know if another 12 hours of working hours is enough. Shall stop blogging and get back to work.

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