Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thick Japanese

Its a matter of time before we pull out our judgement scales and see if the person who we are talking to or spending time with is intelligent enough. Does intelligence have to anything to do with academic qualifications? Which would make me intelligent...but I aint that smart.
Does it have to do with the human ability to sense and understand without explanation?
And does intelligence gaurantee a good personality? I dont think that one is true, I know a lot of PhD holders who are not worth the time of the day.

My friend cracked a howler on the weekend about intelligence:

Josie (part South Indian, part Japanese) : Japanese is a tough language
Nabil (part English, part Syrian): I know, a friend of mine spent 2 years trying to learn it
Josie : There are over 2000 characters and more than those many ways of writing it
Nabil : How is that?
Josie : You see, the amount of pressure you put on the paint bursh determines what letter you write...and you have to memorise pressure of a thousand characters..
Nabil : hmmmm...I see, Boy!! You would never ever meet a thick Japanese then!
In this way, all space scientists, doctors, academicians should be brilliant people.

Now I aint smart, but this aint right? Is it?


SpaceMonkey said...

Wha..?? Mouth agape. Guess I'm neither smart nor intelligent. Cos I'm none of space scientist/doctor/academician. Hmm.

Morpheus said...

Thats precisely the question. Would being one of those make you more intelligent..and perhaps a better person even?
I am none of the above (yet) but I dont think my degree will make me any smarter than I already am!! (Not that I am that smart)

SpaceMonkey said...

The educative process of getting your degree will/should definitely make you smarter than you were before you had the degree. No?

Morpheus said...

Hmm...I suppose so. However I do know of people who would strongly disagree :)