Saturday, May 20, 2006

All done!

3 hard days of working till 11pm and 3 crazy nights at a youth hostel with a cross section of nationalities..met a spanish girl, a texan boy, a new zealand couple and an italian junkie. All of us sat and shared a bottle of wine and our views on Bush, tourism, wal-mart, Ikea and ofcourse Florence!
The 3 day conference on disaster management went well. I spent every free minute sitting in the sun. hoping to get tanned!! Nuh-uh!! Nothing white as before me thinks!
Have learnt some Italian, seen the David and the Uffizi Gallery. Eaten a tonne of sea food..which they spell as SEE Food...Done all the touristy bits and now its time to go. Time to pack and move before the next trip next month to another country!!
I met a pair of American teenagers who have been back packing across the planet for the past 8 months and are heading back home at the end of this month. They have covered all the continents and have a wealth of knowledge and a strong immune system thanks to this. We sat and chatted for a long time..and for the n-th time I found myself do one of these back packing trips..Someday..sometime..before 30 I think!!
Anyways...the next post shall be from UK..and there shall be pictures!!

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